Bio-fabrication of anatomically-inspired living pathways

Innervace harnesses bioengineering approaches to replace lost circuitry, not just cells.

Live active neurons are encased in biodegradable material, with a tailored form factor and cell type to mimic specific neuroanatomy. These bioengineered tissue pathways provide both enhanced cell survival and a framework for integration into host architecture. Ultimately, these replacement pathways recreate critical signaling networks.

  • Minimally invasive, MRI guided stereotaxic implantation
  • Recreate lost circuits, not just cells.

Recreate lost circuits, not just cells.

Minimally invasive stereotaxic implantation

Live active neurons encased in biodegradable material

Customize length, dose, cell type, and cell source

Platform Technology

Our technology forms the basis of a platform that can be used in multiple applications as a therapeutic and drug discovery tool

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